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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Internet Safety Day

Internet Safety Day 1
Internet Safety Day 2
Internet Safety Day 3

Buddy's 'Use your tablet safely' song.

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Year 2 have been learning how to keep safe when using the internet. We had a story about Buddy the dog helping Ben to keep safe on his tablet. We made Buddy masks and on the back we wrote some internet rules to take home. 

NSPCC Number Day

NSPCC Number Day 1
NSPCC Number Day 2
NSPCC Number Day 3
NSPCC Number Day 4
NSPCC Number Day 5
NSPCC Number Day 6
NSPCC Number Day 7
Year 2 really enjoyed Number Day. As well as raising money for a good cause they dressed up in some great number-themed outfits. They enjoyed number activities including a walk round the school code-breaking!

We are winners!

We are winners! 1
We are winners! 2
This week (11th January) we have won the most gold coins in the school and we have the best attendance!

Science (Animal Habitats)

Science (Animal Habitats) 1
Science (Animal Habitats) 2
Science (Animal Habitats) 3
Science (Animal Habitats) 4
Science (Animal Habitats) 5
Science (Animal Habitats) 6
Science (Animal Habitats) 7
Science (Animal Habitats) 8
Science (Animal Habitats) 9
Science (Animal Habitats) 10
Science (Animal Habitats) 11
Science (Animal Habitats) 12
We started off this half-term's Science topic, 'Animal Habitats & Adaptation,' by going on a walk around the school grounds to look for plants & animals and their 'micro-habitats.' We found plants, grass, trees & bushes. We saw birds, squirrels, ladybirds, worms, beetles, woodlice and we observed nests in the trees and molehills. We didn't see the fox today or the birds of prey we sometimes see from our classroom window!

Year 2 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Staircase House in Stockport. The morning was spent re-enacting the events of ‘The Great Fire of London.’ They learned a lot about homes at the time of the fire. Everybody dressed up and got into the roles of Samuel Pepys, King Charles, the link-boy, bakers, maids etc. In the afternoon the children learned about the beginnings of fire insurance and all made their own ‘firemark.’ They also learned how houses were built and had a go at ‘wattle& daub.’ The children were able to answer all the questions about ‘The Great Fire of London!’

R.E. (Caritas in Action)

R.E. (Caritas in Action) 1
R.E. (Caritas in Action) 2
R.E. (Caritas in Action) 3

We talked about the story of creation. Like the plants & animals God created, we are all different but God loves us all equally. We are all special. We took turns to place our photos on the globe, talking about how we are all brothers and sisters in God’s family, in God’s world. Taking part in a special circle time, we placed the globe in the middle and all had a ribbon. The ribbons were interlocked to show we are all part of God’s world, together. We really enjoyed this activity!

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