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St Gilbert's R.C.

Primary School

Inspired by St. Gilbert, as God's family, we are growing strong in love and faith, becoming the best we can be.




  • Pairing socks (talk about the sock patterns and match them)
  • Playing Snakes & Ladders
  • Talk about the size of objects (large, big, tall, medium, small, tiny, short)
  • Practise filling containers in the bath (full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty, empty)
  • Write numbers on pegs and ask children to order them
  • Order numbers 0-20 in a line then ask 'what is one more than...?' or 'what is one less than...?' (see pack sent home for number cards)
  • Measure ingredients to help with baking (cup measurements are best)
  • Sing number songs e.g. five currant buns, five speckled frogs (you can find these on YouTube)
  • Sort toys by colour or shape
  • Sort coins by colour, size or amount
  • Use blocks or other household objects to create shapes and talk about their properties (e.g. how many sides, how many corners etc.)
  • Build towers with blocks or Lego (ask how many blocks have you used? Can you use the same amount of blocks to build a different tower?)
  • Make a bowling game with empty plastic bottles (ask how many did you knock over)
  • Count objects in the house
  • Add and subtract simple 1 digit numbers (numbers 1-9) using objects
  • Share amounts of objects/ share an orange equally/ split an apple in half/ double amounts of objects
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