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St Gilbert's R.C.

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Inspired by St. Gilbert, as God's family, we are growing strong in love and faith, becoming the best we can be.


English: To identify and use passive and active verbs. 


Activity 1: complete the quiz on bbc bitesize

Activity 2: Watch video clip on BBC bitesize and write three matching active and passive sentences about irreversible changes and cooking. (Please complete in your English book.) 

Activity 3: complete the passive and active verb activity. (If you do not have a printer, write out the answer in your English book smiley


Maths: To understand the position of negative numbers on a number line. 

Activity 1: Complete negative number quiz on BBC Bitesize

Activity 2: Complete the negative number puzzle (If you do not have a printer write the answers down in your maths book smiley


History: Today we will be looking at the role of women in WW2. Look at the presentation below on the role of women. Once you have got to slide 8, open the offer of employment document below. Choose one offer of employment letter. Each employment letter is for a different job choose the one which intrests you the most. (letter 1 is for munitions factory worker, letter 2 women's land army, letter 3 women's voluntary service and letter 4 air raid precautions.) Once you have chosen the employment letter you will then need to research about your job. Once you have done this read Aunt Nancy's letter, you will then need to respond to Aunt Nancy and tell her in as much detail about your job. (This is to be done in your English book and must be set out like a letter.) 


Extra work if you want to do it: Design a propaganda poster for a women's wartime job. 

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