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Year 6

This term Year 6 have created their own multi-game platform. They combined multiple algorithms of moderate complexity to create a program which allowed users to play two different types of video games: one which focused on moving in straight line, and one in which characters could move in all directions.


The terms learning began by  analysing finished versions of  multi game platforms. Year 6 and Mr O'Brien worked together to establish the main features of the games and identified code which had not yet been used in Hopscotch, such as score counters and character reset.


Year 6 were taught to create logic trees to notate how this progression works in real time. During the first two weeks they focused on programming a title page game.In this game, pupils move a protagonist past coded obstacles to reach a goal that will trigger the start of the next game.   For the remainder of the term, pupils worked on their main game. This featured a constantly moving protagonist that users must guide to collect stars that appear randomly throughout the game. Year 6, were taught how to use variables to create a score counter that increases after each star has been collected and resets when the protagonist hits the edges of the level. Once completed, pupils decided if they wanted to include credits in their game based on examples.  Towards the end of the project, pupils who have successfully completed the task are encouraged to stretch and challenge themselves by expanding their code and adding complexity and features to make their game more unique and fun to play. 

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