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Grimm & Co.

Case of the Missing Memories by Grimm and Co

*Graham Grimm – founder of Grimm & Co, c.1148 (just before lunchtime) – needs your help.

*Bits of his story have done a runner. Scarpered. Literally fallen off the page. In his wise old age, he’s struggling to remember core memories. We need your young people to help solve the case.

*We’ll provide you with evidence to help children imagine all sorts of ways to fill in the missing gaps of Graham’s story, from inventing a magical being, to concocting your own potion.

*Each piece of evidence will explore a different creative writing form and give young people an opportunity to delve into their imagination using art, craft, drama, and creative play.

*Not only will you help the founder of Grimm, you may also discover a spot of magic right in your own school…


Year 1

We opened our envelope and went on the website and found out clues. First we found out that all of Graham's letters and words were falling off the page. We had to look at books and see if the words were going to fall out. We drew some pictures of Graham's imaginary world and made our own on pieces of paper. I think Graham's world is a candy world, the sticks are lollipops, the trees are cotton candy and there is delicious sweet grass that you can eat. 

By Millie McD


Year 2

We opened the envelope that arrived in the parcel and there was questions inside from Graham Grimm. The questions were: can you make an imaginary world to draw in my journal? What is the ground made of? Is there sounds? What does it smell like? What creatures are in the world? What is the mysterious sound in the distance? 

Then we put all of our ideas together and made a story and then we drew it on the board and then Mrs. Killeen drew it on to a tablecloth. We painted on the table cloth and put sparkly things on and tissue on it too. Then we wrote about what our world was like. 

By Olive

Year 3

We first designed our own magical being. After that, we went around school looking for a habitat for our magical being. We then drew our creatures and labelled them.

By Victor

Year 4

We had to think about a magical doorway into Graham's world. We wrote a description of how to get in and what was inside. We also designed our own doorways. 

We found a magical doorway in the junior corridor so we turned into the opening to Graham's world.

By Rose

Year 6

We had a letter from Graham asking us to help him remember a mighty prank that happened in his shop. We got some evidence saying that a cat got stuck in the customer's hair. We then thought about how this prank had happened and mimed it.

By Oliver

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