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Year 5

During Autumn 1, Year 5 created their own multi-stage video games.


The module began with play and analysis of the popular computer game, Crossy Road. Mr O'Brien and Year 5 worked together to establish the main features of the game, as well as which the three states each feature belongs to: play state, win state, or lose state.


In previous learning, coded algorithms required the user to follow a simple linear path. However in this module, Year 5 were challenged to build upon this knowledge by progressing to the concept of conditionals to allow the end user choice as to how they progress. 


Each lesson Year 5 were presented with a new case study of emerging technology that is powered by conditionals. The children used their mathematical knowledge to code a chicken to respond to directional instructions from the player, which included avoiding obstacles. Through this, pupils developed an in-depth understanding of coordinates and axis, positive and negative values, and the relationship between speed, distance, and time. Year 5, were also introduced to random integers into their code to make game play more exciting and to allow them to consider suitable ranges of numbers to ensure that their game remains playable.


Throughout Autumn 1, Year 5 have been encouraged to continue to identify bugs in their programs and have learnt how to meet the challenges introduced by the complexity of multi-branched code. Year 5,  learnt to identify and isolate which branch of their code is problematic so that they can debug it efficiently without introducing new issues into the functioning part of their code. Once the code was fully functional, Year 5 designed and implemented cohesive themes for their game using elements like background wallpapers, character choices, and sound effects. Towards the end of the project, children who had successfully completed the task were encouraged to stretch and challenge themselves by expanding their code to add complexity and features to make their game more unique and fun to play. 

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