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Week 1 (When people become sick they need care)

Today we are going to learn about what a hospice does and think about when people become sick they need care and help.


We will learn about the beginning of the world's first hospice for children, called Helen House, by a nun called Sister Frances Dominica.


First watch the video link below and then read the story of Helen House Hospice, then consider the questions that follow.


The Story of Helen House Hospice

You can write down your answers to these questions if you like - it might help you with the last task.


Questions to think about:

What has been your experience of illness and who or what helped you most?

What do you think sick children need most?

How do you think their parents feel? What do parents need?

How do you think you can show compassion and care for those who are ill?

Sometimes people are ill in their minds. What do you think our attitude should be towards those people? How could you help them?

Some people may not be ill but have a learning disability, which means they need more care and understanding. How do you think you could help them?

Are there any people in school, your family or in the parish who need special care? Who are they and what do they need?

Learning Task


Imagine you are a volunteer who works or helps out at a hospice.

Write a diary and explain what inspired you to volunteer and why you did so, what you have to offer, what you do each day and how it helps others and yourself.


Refer back to the story of Helen House Hospice for some ideas or you can do some more research on the internet if you need to.


Try to write at least half a page of writing (or more if you can).


(Remember the features of diary writing are to write in the first person, use dates to help tell the story and try to add details of you are feeling.)


Send me your diary entries.

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