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This term we will be learning about the Americas. We have already learned a little bit about the Caribbean, in North America, during our Black History Month topic. This time we will focus on the whole continent, which includes North and South America.


We are going to read a book together about a boy who travels the world on a bike! It's called 'The Boy Who Biked the World: Part 2 Riding the Americas' by Alastair Humphreys. 


 The boy, Tom, travels by bike across the world!


We will do some research tasks using ODDIZZI and we will read the book together.


By the end of the topic we will know more about the region and compare it to the United Kingdom. We should be able to identify, understand and explain the similarities and differences in human and physical geography of the region, compared to the UK. 


We should be able to use maps and atlases and use them to locate places, countries, continents and oceans.


Lets go travelling!


Tuesday 5 January 2021 - Task 1


Login to ODDIZZI and find out as much as you can about Argentina and Chile. These are the first two countries that Tom meets on his arrival in South America.

You must write a kit list for your bike journey through South America. Based on what you find out about South America - what will you include in your kit list and why? 

(Hint: think about the climate and terrain!)

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