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Geography at St Gilbert's aims to inspire pupils through a variety of experiences so they can learn and acquire  knowledge, skills and understanding  through the  diverse world and culture in which they live.  The children at St. Gilbert's will become true Geographers  when they  can geographical vocabulary; enquire about the world in which they live; understand and learn how to take care of their environment and appreciate the wonderful world and people  God has made.  





Geography can contribute to the spiritual development of pupils by  looking at real life people in real places and the environment in which they live. There are many opportunities we can give children to reflect on their own beliefs and values and that of others. They can enjoy learning about oneself, others and the surrounding world. For instance we will give the children opportunities to think about other children living in poor situations; or what it would be like to fall victim to a natural disaster; to reflect  and wonder at the beauty of a particular place in the world or the wealth of a particular place. They will explore and reflect on their own feelings about the people ,places and environments they are learning about.



Most geographical issues have a moral dimension that children can explore and discuss. For example, should the rain forest be exploited for human benefit? How come the world's resources are owned by the the rich? How can we trade fairly? Discussion, role-play and decision - making exercised will enable pupils to explore such issues and help pupils to consider what the views are of society and help them to consider their views and the rights of another human being (UNICEF Rights Respecting School). This will teach children that they have a responsibility to look after one another and the world and its resources.



Relationships are important in the social dimension of Geography and can be fostered through role-play, group work, geography games and the like. Field work adds another social dimension by encouraging children when outdoors to rely on a range of social skills and to participate in the local community. Learning about international trade (through Fair Trade Week) fosters a sense of the interdependence of people and places and an appreciation of diverse viewpoints. Children will also engage with the 'British values' of democracy, the rule of law, liberty, respect and tolerance.



Geography makes a strong contribution to the cultural development of pupils by studying real people in real places; appreciating the role of Britain's parliamentary system and understanding our multicultural society and celebrating diversity. Children develop an awareness and understanding of their own locality and make comparisons with environments further away and know that there are different cultures and places that exist.

A sense of place requires knowledge and understanding of cultural traditions of the people who live there. For example, for younger pupils this could be knowing about different climates and how the styles of clothing and food are impacted due to the weather. While older pupils might explore different attitudes towards the environment.

There is also the use of cultural maps in Geography to indicate the distribution of foods and other resources. 





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                    GARDENING at



September is harvest time !  St Gilbert's pupils helped Duncan( the school gardener) to harvest the vegetables and fruit such as  beans, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, rhubarb and garlic. The parents were willing to make a donation for the organic produce. 



We have a fantastic poly tunnel at school for the children to do gardening. According to The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) there are great benefits to gardening.

The 3 Rs of school gardening are:


  • Ready to learn
  • Resilient
  • Responsible  


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