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Inspired by St. Gilbert, as God's family, we are growing strong in love and faith, becoming the best we can be.

Year 3

Homework! Oh homework! Cluster schools poetry recital performance

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Lowry rehearsal

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Year 3 had a fantastic evening performing at the Lowry

Fun in the snow

History Stone Age poo lesson

14.10.22 - This afternoon, children in Year 3 were scientists and dissected ‘Stone Age Poo’. Year 3 discovered that people in the Stone Age hunted and gathered their food. From the ‘Poo’ the children discovered that the people in the Stone Age ate berries, corn, herbs, sunflower seeds, nettles, tomato’s, carrots and fish. Year 3 had great fun learning about the diet of a Stone Age person. 

WARNING ⛔️ Stone Age Poo entering the classroom 💩

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Year 3 have been learning all about instructions. The children worked in pairs to follow a set of instructions to create a Woolly mammoth 🦣. Once they had created their mammoths we discussed the good features of the instructions and also how we could improve them. 

In English, the children in Year 3 have been reading ‘How to wash a Woolly Mammoth’ by Michelle Robinson. The children looked at identifying the imperative verbs in the text. Once they understood what an imperative verb (bossy verb )was they were set the task to work in partners to clean the mucky animals. They took it in turns to instruct their partner to clean each animal using a range of cleaning props. 

Flute 10.10.22

Look at how much Year 3’s flute posture has improved since the beginning of the year. Well done Year 3 and great effort!

In History this term we are looking at the Stone Age. This week we have been looking at Stone Age houses. We looked at Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic homes. The children had great fun and worked hard to create some lovely dwellings. 


In science, we have been looking at foods and what nutrition we get from different foods. Year 3, were brilliant at grouping the different foods.

We have also looked at a balance diet and have created some of our own balanced meals. 


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In class, we have been looking at how we can love God with all our hearts.

Year 3, love Tuesdays as they take part in Technola. This term the children will be learning to code. 

Year 3 are loving learning French. Here are some phrases we have learnt.

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Au revoir

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A bientot

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Look at our French singing

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On Monday's, Year 3 are learning to play the flute. Great effort Year 3

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