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St Gilbert's R.C.

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Inspired by St. Gilbert, as God's family, we are growing strong in love and faith, becoming the best we can be.


English: To use adjectives for more descriptive writing 

Activity 1: Online quiz on BBC Bitesize 

Activity 2: Complete the adjective pyramid activity on BBC bitesize and write in your English book. 

Activity 3: Complete the synonyms sheet (Do not worry if you do not have a printer you can write the synonym in your English book. e.g hail = shower) 


Maths: To add and subtract integers 

Activity 1: BBC bitesize online problem quiz

Activity 2: Solve the online subtraction problem on BBC bitesize 

Activirty 3: Mental methods activity quiz on BBC bitesize

Activity 4: join in with the song and movement on addition and subtraction (BBC Bitesize) 


History: Today you will be learning about the Holocaust.  Read the presentation attached below on the Holocaust. Your task: You are to imagine you are a journalist who has been asked to write a report about the Holocaust. You need to research the Holocaust and write a report on it. Look at the Holocaust report link below for ideas on questions to answer in your report. (Your report should be a page long and can include graphs, pictures/drawings and anything else that you feel would help to support your report. This is to be done in your English book) 

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