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History at St Gilbert's is fun! Children are taught to question their understanding of the past and to know how this has influenced present and future times. We aim to teach history through the use of visitors ,brilliant artefacts and exciting trips. This will help pupils gain an in-depth experience of the significant aspects of history  and to show how history is relevant in the wider world. We want to make history enjoyable and use methods such as historical enquiry, problem solving , investigation and interpreting skills  to help our pupils make sense of the past and what lessons can be learned for today.





By studying History children will develop a sense of curiosity and mystery of how and why past events happened and questions if events were different in the past what the outcome would be for now. Children to be given the opportunity to explore the roles played by important people in history be it for good or ill and to consider the various spiritual and religious values of different civilisation in shaping the world.



The pupils will be asked to consider any moral questions of what they are studying in History. For instance, was Alexander the Great really deserving of the title 'Great'?

They will learn if historical events that took place were right or wrong and contemplate any dilemmas of events. For example was it necessary to have a World War? What lessons have been learned from this event? Pupils will be shown how to show compassion with people from the past and reflect on what others experiences. Discussion will take place of views made in the past and how this links to justice. (For example Black History Month  and why there is a month dedicated to BHM)



There will be an exploration of similarities and contrast between past and present societies and to have an understanding that we can live in a modern and democratic society of which we should be thankful. Children to appreciate how people's behaviour towards the family, economics, resource  and race and so forth have changed throughout the years and to consider diverse viewpoints. For instance how do Victorian values compare to modern day? 



Through studying and gaining an understanding of people who are from different cultures children can appreciate how other cultures have influence their society today from the past. For example, The Ancient Greeks. The Romans, The Egyptians, The Vikings and Victorians have all influenced the society in which we live today. Being able to explore and study these group of people and others the pupils can identify the wide range of cultural influences and progress that have helped shaped their cultural heritage. ( The Bridgewater Canal and the Battle of Britain). The children  need to understand  the multicultural society in which they live in  and make links in the local, British, European and World History.





Have a look at these History websites below

The History National Curriculum


St Gilbert's had the pleasure  of hearing the inspirational speaker, Chris Lubbe last year. We learned lots about  living in South Africa under the Apartheid government and what it was like being the body guard to Nelson Mandela.


This year Black History Month at St Gilbert's is focusing on countries or people groups that are non white such as Africa, Asia, Central America or South America. Each year group has looked at a country and researched it and have learned about famous people in that particular country or other issues pertaining to black history. 


More Black History information from Year 3 pupils 



The  Year 5 class had an amazing time learning about the Vikings. They had a visitor come into school to do a Viking enactment. 

Click on the link below to see more smiley


The Year 4 children had fun celebrating their end of term topic on the Ancient Greeks. The children dressed up in their togas and chitons and celebrated in style. They tasted food, took part in a mini Olympic, danced and did some Greek maths. 

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