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Inspired by St. Gilbert, as God's family, we are growing strong in love and faith, becoming the best we can be.



We aim to ensure that children have a good understanding of chronology and that they are taught to question their understanding of the past and to know how this has influenced present and future times. History where possible will be taught through the use of visitors, brilliant artefacts and exciting trips. We use methods such as historical enquiry, problem solving , investigation and interpreting skills  to help our pupils make sense of the past and what lessons can be learned for today.






St Gilberts have joined the Historical Associaton. They are a charity and the voice for History in the UK. And they help with History teaching and learning. 

Have a look at more History websites below

The History National Curriculum

Anglo Saxons in Year 4. The children had a great experience at Tatton Park learning about Anglo Saxon way of life.

Ancient Egyptians in Year 3🔍

Cross Curricular Experiment


History- Today we developed our understanding of the Ancient Egyptian Mummification ritual. We mummified a tomato by cleaning it, removing its insides, covering both the inside and outside with natron and finally we will left it for 40 days🍅 


Science- We discussed the reasons why the Ancient Egyptians used this method to preserve the body. We decided to test and see the difference after 40 days between the mummified tomatoes and the normal tomatoes. To make it a fair test we put them into the same cupboard for the same time; also we made predictions about what we thought may happen to the two different sets of tomatoes. 

English- Before we carried out our experiment, we wrote instructions on how to mummify our tomato. We used adverbials of time to make the order clear and imperative verbs too! 


Year 3 have produced fantastic work in Spring 2 for their History display, well done!!!

Reception children have been learning about castles and Queen Elizabeth ll


This year Black History Month 's theme is 'Proud to be ' So at St Gilbert's each year group learned  about an inspirational person who was  African, African American or British with African or Caribbean heritage. Find out more by clicking on the class pages or reading below.





Nursery have enjoyed learning about Ella Fitzgerald and her music.

Reception  really enjoyed learning about Ella Fitzgerald, Jesse Owens and Alma Thomas. We learnt about their lives and talked about how it was unfair that they had been treated this way. They danced to Ella Fitzgerald's music, completed races just like Jesse Owens and painted pictures inspired by Alma Thomas. 


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Year 1 learned about Mo Farah and his spectacular achievements. They even tried to do his pose.


Year 2 learned about Ruby Bridges. She is an American civil rights activist. When she was 6 years old she walked through an all white school to attend it. She was brave !


Year 3 learned about Marcus Rashford the Manchester United football player who has campaigned  to get the government to provide free school meal vouchers for families in the Summer holidays.


Year 4 learned about Wangari Mathaai a Kenyan Nobel Prize winner who worked hard to plant trees to conserve the Kenyan environment.


Year 5 learned about Michelle Obama.


Year 6 learned about Diane Abbott a UK labour politician.

Thanks everyone for your contribution. Proud to be ! 

Year 2: Ruby Bridges

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The  Vikings came to Year 5 this term.

The Ancient Greeks came to Year 4 this term.

Year 3 discovered the Stone Age period.

Cave Painting 🎨

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We have been drawing and painting in the style of the Stone Age. We only used the light of a fire just like they would have in the caves 🔥 

Stone Age Weapons🏹

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We have designed and created some fantastic Stone Age Jewellery and weapons in Autumn 1. WELL DONE! We really enjoyed getting in character 🎭 

Year 2 learned about the Great Fire of London.

The Year 2 children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Stair Case House Museum in Stockport where they learned about how to put out the Great Fire of London.

Year 1 learned about their families. 

                WE WILL REMEMBER 

Thank you for sending in the names of your loved ones who fought in the war.

For Remembrance Day we raised the flag as a mark of respect to all who have sacrificed their lives for us. We say thank you to all the service men and women who fought for our freedom.

Pippa from Yr 3 brought in a wonderful photograph of her beloved Great Great  Grandfather Tommy and wrote all about him too.  We will remember them.

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