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Inspired by St. Gilbert, as God's family, we are growing strong in love and faith, becoming the best we can be.


We have looked at the outside and inside of homes.  We know that homes we live in are different in the way they look both outside and in.

Today we are going to have a look at what houses look like in the Victorian times and how that is different to a modern day house - looking closely at the kitchen.


Some people still live in Victorian houses - the outside of the houses haven't changed too much, it is the inside that has changed.


Look through the slides and then see the pictures, can you decide which kitchen objects are modern and which are Victorian?

No need to print!  Fold a piece of paper in half and draw the Victorian objects one side and the Modern on the other!


Some of the objects are the same in both a modern kitchen and Victorian kitchen - but look closely at them, the objects are the same but the materials they are made from may be different - do you have any of these objects in your kitchen? Why not go and investigate? 

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