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National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day is a day to enjoy, discover and share poetry.

First I want to share some poems I have chosen,

Second I want you to discover some poetry for yourself and share it with us,

Third I want you to write a poem yourself to share with us (using the poems you have found as inspiration - I'll help you here),

Finally, I want you to enjoy poetry!

Learning Task 1 - Read these poems

Read the above poems, which are from the National Poetry Day website.

I liked the first poem because I thought it was a really powerful poem about climate change. It was short and sweet and written in a way that made it feel like the narrator was me or us.


The other poem by Tony Walsh, who is a poet from Manchester, and wrote a poem about Manchester after the Arena bomb which became very well known. 

I like his poem because it is a great metaphor for suggesting that we can find poetry in everything. I like this idea.


Learning Task 2 - Write  a poem


Using the Tony Walsh poem as inspiration, write your own poem about where you might find a poem. You could use the repetitive sentence starters used in each verse to help you. For example:


Shhh! There is a poem in my cat's tail

Quick! There is a poem in the half-eaten bag of Twirl Bites

Look! There is a poem in the fire place

There! There is a poem in the tv remote control


I am going to go on and write some more verses for my poem and will share it later today when you have shared yours on the blog.


Learning Task 3 - share a poem


If you have a favourite poem already, please share it on the blog.

If you have a favourite poetry book, please share it on the blog.

If you have a favourite poet, share it on the blog. (I have loads but a few that spring to mind are Michael Rosen, John Hegley and John Bartram)

If you have a top ten (or five) poems, please share it on the blog.

If you have anything else to do with poetry, please share it on the blog.

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