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Inspired by St. Gilbert, as God's family, we are growing strong in love and faith, becoming the best we can be.

Year 2

In our Art lessons we looked at the kinds of houses that people lived in at the time of The Great Fire of London. They used a lot of wood to build the houses,  which is one of the reasons why the fire spread so quickly. We drew a house design and then traced it onto a tile of clay. We scooped out some pieces of clay and used them to add detail. These are the finished results. We will bring them home when we change the display.
What a great day out we had at Staircase House in Stockport!  The house is just like a house from the time of the fire in 1666. In the morning we dressed up and acted out the events of The Great Fire of London. There was Samuel Pepys and his maid, Jane; King Charles, the link boy, the soldiers and the maids. Samuel Pepys was woken up by his maid to find London on fire. We made a chain to collect the water in leather buckets, from the River Thames, to try and put out the fire but it was spreading too quickly. We had great fun! In the afternoon we did two activities. One was finding out about the first fire brigades and the insurance companies. We made our own 'fire mark.' In the other activity we learned about the plague that happened just before the fire. We had some scary plague doctors and then we made our own medicine potions.

Class Assembly

Class Assembly 1
Class Assembly 2
Class Assembly 3
Our assembly was all about ‘October the month of the Holy Rosary.’

Science:Investigating Materials

Science:Investigating Materials 1
Science:Investigating Materials 2
Science:Investigating Materials 3
Science:Investigating Materials 4
Science:Investigating Materials 5
Science:Investigating Materials 6
Science:Investigating Materials 7
Science:Investigating Materials 8
We carried out an investigation to find out which material was the best to make an umbrella for Teddy. 

Learning to play the recorder

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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 9
Year 2 had their first recorder lesson today and we played our first piece of music. Well done Year 2 ! Don't forget to practice and bring your recorder into school every Friday.
We really enjoyed dressing up for 'Languages Day.' Poland, Scotland, England, Wales, Holland, India, China and Africa were among the countries we were representing. 
We started our Science topic on Materials by looking around the classroom to find out what materials had been used to make things.

Year 2 Eco-Warriors

Year 2 Eco-Warriors 1
Meet out two new eco-warriors! Amongst other things they will be turning off lights to save electricity and ensuring we are using the paper recycling bins.


Year 2 School Council Members

Congratulations to our new school council members. We are so proud of you both and know you will serve the school well.

Picture 1

R.E (Caritas in Action)

Year 2 talked about how we are all brothers and sisters in God's family. We placed a globe with our photos on at the centre of our class circle and each took a piece of ribbon. We discussed how we are connected to our brothers and sisters all over the world just like the ribbons. We also made friendship bracelets in bright colours to take home; decorated with all the things that make us happy.

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