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Inspired by St. Gilbert, as God's family, we are growing strong in love and faith, becoming the best we can be.

Year 2

Photos from home

Rose’s message in a bottle project
The messages
All ready
The story
Max making slime
Max and his sister: caterpillars to butterflies
A beautiful butterfly
Outdoor fun
Pointillism pictures
Ava at Easter
Ava’s egg hunt
Lily getting back to work after Easter
Eve enjoying purple Mash
Eve’s red velvet cake
Friends meeting up!
Toothless friends!
Lola-Mai’s rainbow
Jasmine’s Easter Garden
Phoebe’s rainbow
A story from Thomas
A poem by Jasmine
A letter from Lily
Nicole’s Easter picture
Nicole working hard
Phoebe’s Easter Garden
Annie’s Easter hat
Eve”s Easter poem
Lily working hard at home
Lily’s Easter picture
Lily’s Easter picture
Lily doing some planting
A poem by Elissia
Ava’s rainbow
Eve’s Easter Garden
Natalia’s Easter Garden
Natalia’s Easter Garden
Nadia’s Easter Garden
Stanislaw helping his dad to build a terrace
Thomas practising his spellings
Ariane keeping fit
Ariane working hard at home
Lily enjoying her Science work
Phoebe working hard on her Science
Phoebe studying
Emilia had fun at Easter!
Emilia planted lots of seeds.
Emilia and her seeds
Emilia’s picnic lunch
Walks are important!
Emilia’s rainbow
Max & Dad enjoying a jigsaw
Ariane with her completed time capsule booklet
Elissia working hard
Elissia’s space story
Oscar on a bike ride
Oscar’s delicious cakes
Oscar & his lovely dog
Oscar reading after completing his worksheets
Oscar’s jigsaw
Jasmine’s rainbow poem
Stanislaw  experimenting with rockets
More designs
The best design
Nadia helping out at home
Nadia made a dinosaur model
Eating spaghetti
Elissia’s rainbow poem
Phoebe making her rocket
Phoebe’s rocket
Phoebe lost a tooth.
Phoebe hard at work.
Phoebe’s poem
Books Thomas is reading
Eve working hard
Clapping for our carers
VE Day treats for Thomas
Nicole’s VE Day decorations
Ava hard at work
Ava has been busy!
Ava & her sister celebrating VE Day
Ava’s delicious treats
Lily enjoying work on The Runaway Iceberg
Lily celebrating VE Day
Lily relaxing on VE day
Eve made a spitfire on VE Day.
Eve writes to her friends
Eve’s history work
Elissia made beautiful flowers
A great poem by Jasmine
Rose and Xavier had a nature hunt.
Ariane wrote a great poem.
Eve made a kite.
Phoebe made Pentecost crafts.
Phoebe’s Pentecost poem
Max toasting marshmallows
Max on a bike ride
Eve’s nature hunt
Eve enjoyed Sale Water Park.
Nicole horse-riding
Nathaniel making empanadas
Nicole made beautiful flowers.
Evangeline looking for plants for her art work
Evangeline’s cyanotype
Max on a rope swing
Nathaniel picking strawberries
Eve playing a times tables game
Ava’s uncle’s dog had puppies
Ezme gets rainbow hair!
Ezme is very good at stretching!
Ezme studying
More home learning from Ezme
Happy birthday Phoebe!
Phoebe on a nature hunt
Eve’s new bed and desk
Eve’s colourful hair!
Nathaniel doing his Purple Mask task
Nathaniel out shopping for the first time
Nathaniel making a pork bun

Purple Mash Tasks: Pointillism and Mondrian Designs

Well done to the children who have completed the Purple Mash computing projects. These pictures are great!

Cress Seeds

When we were guessing where different seeds come from last week, most of us had never heard of cress so we planted some cress seeds of our own. Now they are at home so keep the soil damp and watch them grow. (Don’t drown them!)


We went in the poly tunnel to plant tomato seeds with Duncan the gardener. Our seeds need to be kept warm for a while in a propagator and then planted in beds in the poly tunnel. We are looking forward to seeing them grow. 

We also looked at the cherry tree which is beginning to show buds.

An afternoon of opera!

At The Lowry Theatre we saw a special performance of an opera for children. It was ‘Green Eggs & Ham,’ based on the Dr. Seuss book. We also learned about all the instruments in the orchestra. 
We all look fabulous, dressed up for World Book Day. Can you guess our book characters?

Ecobrick winners treat!

Potato Planting

We have been planting seed potatoes in the polytunnel with Duncan the gardener. We planted three potatoes in compost. We added some fertiliser and then watered them. In three months they will be moved outside and a month later they will be ready to harvest. We will keep an eye on how they are growing. We also saw a lovely cherry tree. We look forward to seeing this grow too. 
We all dressed up in our numbers for Number Day. As well as raising money for the NSPCC we had lots of fun doing number activities.

Times Tables Winner

This half-term we won the local catholic schools cluster times tables challenge! Well done Year 2!
Year 2 have made fantastic progress in gymnastics lessons this half-term. They have grown in skill and confidence and performed some brilliant patterns on the apparatus.

Science: Looking for micro-habitats around school

In Science we are studying living things and their habitats. We are looking particularly at animal habitats. We walked around school to look for micro-habitats. We found creatures living in the prayer garden, on trees, under tyres and in the soil.

D.T. Food from around the world: Anzac Biscuits ( Australia)

Food from around the world: Sweet potato cookies (South Africa)

Food from around the world: Tacos (South America)

Food from around the world: Asian fruit salad

Food from around the world: Ratatouille (Europe)

To link in with our Geography topic of Oceans & Continents, in D.T. we are learning about food from around the world and how to make some healthy snacks and meals. Our first recipe was for ratatouille from France. Next we made Asian fruit salad. Looking at South America we chose tacos and used healthy fillings. Using a South African recipe we then made sweet potato cookies. Finally we made Anzac biscuits which originate from Australia. They were delicious!

Geography:The Continents

Still image for this video
We are learning about the continents of the world.

Christmas Party Fun


Still image for this video
We are doing so well with learning to play the recorder!

Children in Need/ Crazy Hair Day

Look at our crazy hair!

Science: How Animals (including humans) Grow

Our investigation was 'Do the tallest children have the biggest feet?' We were all measured for our height. We drew around one of our shoes and cut it out and measured it. Then we arranged ourselves in order of height from the tallest to the shortest. Our investigation showed that not all the tallest children have the biggest feet. Some of the shorter children have bigger feet than children who are taller than them!

R.E. Baptism

In R.E. we are learning about the 'signs and symbols' of Baptism, such as the water, the chrism (oil), the white garment. We acted out a part of the Baptism service.

Anti-bullying Week: Odd Socks Day

This week in school has been Anti-bullying week. We have talked about the true meaning of ‘bullying’ and how important it is to tell someone if it is happening to us. On Tuesday we took part in ‘Odd Socks Day.’ We are all unique and special.
As part of our R.E. Caritas unit, Family & Community, we all made a card for each of our new children in Nursery, to welcome them to our school community. Those with siblings in Nursery really wanted to make a card for them. The children thought it was very funny that some of the Nursery children had the same first names as them!
In our Art lessons we looked at the kinds of houses that people lived in at the time of The Great Fire of London. They used a lot of wood to build the houses,  which is one of the reasons why the fire spread so quickly. We drew a house design and then traced it onto a tile of clay. We scooped out some pieces of clay and used them to add detail. These are the finished results. We will bring them home when we change the display.
What a great day out we had at Staircase House in Stockport!  The house is just like a house from the time of the fire in 1666. In the morning we dressed up and acted out the events of The Great Fire of London. There was Samuel Pepys and his maid, Jane; King Charles, the link boy, the soldiers and the maids. Samuel Pepys was woken up by his maid to find London on fire. We made a chain to collect the water in leather buckets, from the River Thames, to try and put out the fire but it was spreading too quickly. We had great fun! In the afternoon we did two activities. One was finding out about the first fire brigades and the insurance companies. We made our own 'fire mark.' In the other activity we learned about the plague that happened just before the fire. We had some scary plague doctors and then we made our own medicine potions.

Class Assembly

Our assembly was all about ‘October the month of the Holy Rosary.’

Science:Investigating Materials

We carried out an investigation to find out which material was the best to make an umbrella for Teddy. 

Learning to play the recorder

Year 2 had their first recorder lesson today and we played our first piece of music. Well done Year 2 ! Don't forget to practice and bring your recorder into school every Friday.
We really enjoyed dressing up for 'Languages Day.' Poland, Scotland, England, Wales, Holland, India, China and Africa were among the countries we were representing. 
We started our Science topic on Materials by looking around the classroom to find out what materials had been used to make things.

Year 2 Eco-Warriors

Meet out two new eco-warriors! Amongst other things they will be turning off lights to save electricity and ensuring we are using the paper recycling bins.


Year 2 School Council Members

Congratulations to our new school council members. We are so proud of you both and know you will serve the school well.

R.E (Caritas in Action)

Year 2 talked about how we are all brothers and sisters in God's family. We placed a globe with our photos on at the centre of our class circle and each took a piece of ribbon. We discussed how we are connected to our brothers and sisters all over the world just like the ribbons. We also made friendship bracelets in bright colours to take home; decorated with all the things that make us happy.

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