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Summer 1 Week 5

It has been another really busy week in nursery. The children have been doing observational drawings and paintings of flowers and leaves, making flower collage pictures, consolidating maths skills on the interactive whiteboard and balancing in the blocks without falling into the shark pool!

Summer 1

Down At the Bottom of the Garden

The children have had lots of fun learning about mini beasts and have enjoyed role playing in our garden centre. They have been using their fine motor skills to make some wonderful representations of mini beasts using play dough and in the construction and model making they have made habitats. 

We went on a walk to collect blossom and looked for examples of new life and growth in the poly tunnel, this links to our current Religion topic. We also used the new positional language words that we have been learning to help us navigate on our walk, we went through, around, under and over.

We found lots of different mini beasts in our sensory garden. They were mostly under leaves and in wooden areas.

Spring 2 Week 1

This week we held an event for all the special ladies in our lives. We practised a song and sang it for them, said our morning prayer together, made a dream catcher, presented them with a single rose and then shared breakfast in the hall. It was a wonderful morning!

Spring 1 Week 6

This week we have celebrated Pancake Day, the children have learnt that it can also be called Shrove Tuesday. They enjoyed several activities including making pancakes in the tuff tray, weighing the flour and whisking the ingredients, using the play dough and various crafting materials to create pancakes, practising cutting skills by cutting out some of their favourite topppings and sticking on a pancake, pancake races and their most favourite of all pancake tasting with lots of delicious toppings! 

We have also celebrated Valentines Day this week. The children have been learning about Saint Valentine and enjoyed making love potions using flowers. We hope you liked your card that they made and they have tried really hard to learn a song all about love called ‘Magic Penny’. 
In addition to this, we have observed some excellent model building this week, some real acts of kindness with lots of children helping to fasten each other’s coats and helping their friends put socks back on after PE. Our week ended with a little walk to the school prayer garden to see the wonderful flowers that some of the older children had made. We said a little prayer to Mary whilst we were there too.

Spring 1 Week 5

What a really exciting week it has been! The children have enjoyed celebrating Lunar New Year and participated in lots of different activities such as mask making, making Chinese lanterns, food tasting, re-enacting the traditional animal race and so much more. The day ended with a special treat of a traditional red envelope with golden chocolate coins inside which was kindly gifted by one of our families. The children also attended their first school disco where there was lots of dancing, balloons, lights, party games and party snacks…..they all had a wonderful time. 

Spring 1 Week 4

This week we have been learning all about the numeral 5, the composition, how 5 can be represented and the recognition of it. The children have completely blown us away with the progress that they are making with lots of them accessing the activities independently. Take a look at our photos to see the composition of 5 using Numicon and pom poms on space rockets. We have especially enjoyed singing ‘Alice the Camel’, hopefully the children have shared this with you at home. Aside from maths, we conducted an experiment in which we had to get a dinosaur picture to rise to the top of a bucket without touching it with our hands, the children were really engaged and make some excellent predictions. We are also very proud of many children who are doing some amazing drawing and writing independently! Then to finish  off the week, we celebrated NSPCC Number Day, the children looked great in their number clothes and enjoyed a day of number themed activities. 

Spring 1 Week 3

We have been having lots more dinosaur fun this week. The children have experimented with the art of printing using dinosaur feet. We have been learning about fossils, what they are and how they are formed. The children made their own dinosaur fossils using clay. We had a wonderful dinosaur picnic, the children enjoyed sorting the different foods and then feeding them to their dinosaur. In construction, they have used Mobilo and Duplo to make some amazing models. Using their number knowledge, the children have ordered numbers 1-5 on the dinosaurs plates. 

Spring 1 Week 2

This week we have been consolidating our knowledge of ‘m’ and learning about ‘a’. The children have contributed to the RE display all about the Holy Family. They have enjoyed dressing up in the dinosaur camp, taking part in dough disco and of course having the best time in the snow!

Spring 1 Week 1

It was lovely to welcome the children back this week, they were all excited to tell everyone what Father Christmas had brought for them! We have started our new topic ‘Dinosaurs’. We have a dinosaur camp in our classroom and a dinosaur reading tent which the children are really enjoying accessing. We have been learning about the number 4 and looking at shapes that have 4 sides. The children have used the play dough to make Dino prints and got very slimy digging dinosaurs out of the jelly swamp.

Autumn 2 Weeks 7 and 8

Lots of Christmas fun and activities including our Nativity, Christmas dinner and parties!

Autumn 2 Week 6

Christmas arrived in nursery this week! The children have accessed a variety of activities such as present wrapping, making and painting snowflakes, making play dough snowmen, making toys out of the construction in Santa’s Workshop, retelling the Christmas story using small world figures and freeing frozen polar animals in the tuff trays.

Autumn 2 Week 5

This week we have been consolidating our knowledge of numbers to 3. The children have practised using scissors and they have used egg boxes and play dough to support representation of number…..some children even used this activity to explore simple addition, we were very impressed!

Autumn 2 Week 4

This week we watched the wonderful Mr Stix, the children thought he was hilarious and he really got us into the Christmas spirit! In maths we explored repeating patterns and had so much fun exploring colour mixing whilst ice painting. 

Autumn 2 Week 3


This week we have been learning about the job of a farmer, how they look after the animals and the food that comes from a farm. The children enjoyed listening to The Enormous Turnip story. They explored different vegetables and were very good at identifying and grouping fruits and vegetables.

We have continued to learn about the number 2. The children went on a number hunt outside, completed a play dough activity and had lots of fun learning about Noah’s ark and finding 2 of each animal to put on the ark. 

Thank you to all of your generous donations this week. We collected lots of food for the local food bank and we raised money for Children In Need from our biscuit sale.

Autumn 2 Week 2

This week we have been learning about the role of a Lollypop Person.  We have used the small world cars and figures to learn how to cross the road safely. We also took our learning outdoors and used our ride on cars, road and zebra crossing markings to practice road safety. The children made their own lollypop sticks to take home.


We have been focussing on the number 2. Investigating different ways to show 2 and learning how to subsidise. The children used the play dough to represent 2, they completed a sticking activity making representations of 2 using various craft materials and played a game where they had to find representations of 2 on flash cards.

To mark Remembrance Day, we attended the whole school flagpole ceremony and made our own poppies. 

Autumn 2 Week 1

This week we began our new topic ‘People Who Help Us’. The children have had great fun exploring our hospital role play area and making emergency vehicles using the Mobilo. We have been thinking about the job of a Dentist and the children demonstrated their tooth brushing skills in a tiff tray activity. Linked to our maths work, learning all about 1, the children made some yummy ‘1 Spoon Flapjacks’.

Autumn 1 Week 7 Pray, Stay and Play

The children loved welcoming their grown-ups into nursery to share prayers and make some religious crafts. Thank you to everyone who came.

Autumn 1 Week 6

This week we had so much fun playing and learning with pumpkins. We placed them in size order, explored how they feel and smell, practised our fine motor skills by threading beads and cereals and making pumpkin pie. We rescued spiders from the tuff trays using tweezers and practised sorting objects according to colour.

Autumn 1 Week 5


We have been having lots of fun exploring sounds in phonics, making animal noises and guessing the objects that are making sounds in the stinky socks!


We had our first music lesson with Miss Rust, we sang new songs, made rhythms with egg shakers and had a wonderful time.


To practice fine motor skills the children have been making tissue paper crocodiles, using the plastic jigsaw construction and plastic pegs. 

The Colourful Jungle


It has been a really busy few weeks learning lots of new things about the jungle. We have made ‘jungle juice’ for the animals by cutting leaves and plants and mixing them with coloured water and glitter. We have rescued the animals from a slimy swamp, played with small world figures, made painting of some jungle animals and much more!

Religion - God’s Wonderful World


We have been learning about fruit and vegetables and how they grow. We have used a magnifying glass to look closely inside different fruits to see if we can spot the seeds. We took a walk to our poly tunnel and picked some of the fruit that has been growing in there, we found rhubarb, apples, grapes and berries!

We have also collected natural things from our outdoor area such as leaves, twigs, flowers and used them to make wishing wands. 

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see?


We have been busy doing lots of different activities relating to this book. We have started to make a story map to help us learn to retell the story. We have been threading bears, we have been colouring pictures to match the animals in the story and we have been playing matching colour games. Maybe the children can tell you some of the different animals in the book.

Phonics- Exploring sounds


We have been making sounds in our environment and listening to how different they sound. We have talked about sounds being loud and quiet. The children really enjoyed finding ways to make different sounds.

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