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Welcome to Reception

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Home Learning

Weeks 1 and 2 (23.3-3.4)

Look at all of the wonderful work that these children in Reception have been doing at home. Remember to please check the blog for regular updates and to upload your own pictures so that I can add them to the selection! Thank you parents for continuing to work hard with the children through this difficult time. 

Spring 2


The children have really loved our superheroes topic. We have read lots of stories, including Supertato and Superworm. We’ve dressed as superheroes in our role-play area, defeated evil peas with tweezers, written superhero speech bubbles, made lolly stick superheroes, superhero indestructible bracelets and made our own super veggies!

Pray, Stay and Play

The children had a wonderful time with their family members and friends today during our pray, stay and play session. They made Lent leaves, decorated holding crosses, made rosary beads, created stained glass crosses and made lovely ‘Lamb of God’ pictures. 

Shrove Tuesday

Today was a brilliant day in Reception! We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by firstly learning that it was the last day before Lent began. We also learnt about how other countries celebrate Shrove Tuesday. We then designed pancakes and wrote about our favourite toppings, we used creative materials to decorate pancakes, we used playdough to make and flip pancakes, we used pancake toppings to complete some maths, we payed for pancakes in the pancake shop and we made our own pancakes by mixing the ingredients together, cooking them in the microwave before adding our favourite toppings then eating them!

Spring 1

Valentine’s Day

We celebrated Valentine’s Day today by learning about St Valentine. We then made Valentine’s wands, Valentine’s playdough cakes, Valentine’s cards and heart shaped toast with strawberry jam on top!

Valentine’s Song

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Our topic this half term is ‘Castles’. We have learnt about different castles, the parts of castles, life in the castles and different castle jobs. The children have loved this topic and have especially enjoyed acting out the different castle jobs in the role-play area. 

NSPCC Number Day

We made Numicon biscuits for NSPCC Number Day! 

Junk Box 

We have been using lots of different materials to make our own creations! We have used cardboard boxes, tubes, cake cases, polystyrene pieces and plastic packaging and have created cameras, phones, TVs, TV remotes and more!


The children have been learning to recognise different English coins this week. They have paid for things in our class shop, they have completed money challenge cards and they have made rubbings and imprints of different coins. 


Somebody came to our classroom and put all of our gems inside a potion! We had to use tweezers to take the gems out but we had to be very careful not to touch the potion with our fingers, just in case we turned into frogs!

Chinese New Year

We had a wonderful time celebrating Chinese New Year with our friends in Nursery. 

Gong Hey Fat Choi!

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Dragon Dance!

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We’ve been learning lots about repeating patterns this week. The children have used lots of different objects to create their patterns!

2D Shapes

We’ve been learning the names and properties of 2D shapes this week; triangle, rectangle, square, circle, pentagon and hexagon. We had fun creating shapes in our classroom. 

Autumn 2


December has been such a fun month for us in Reception. We began by learning about the true meaning behind Christmas - Jesus’s birthday! We retold the nativity story using small world figures and costumes and everyone remembered lots about the story! 
We also had lots of fun playing in snow, making our own Christmas cards and writing inside them, telling stories in Santa’s Grotto, creating Christmas decorations, making play dough snowmen and gingerbread men, threading baubles, using our fine motor skills to pick up snowballs, having a race on the Santa Obstacle Course and completing some Christmas maths activities! 


We listened to the story of the Maccabees and looked closely at some special objects associated with Hanukkah. We retold the story with puppets, played games with a dreidel, made Hanukkah cards and made our own menorahs which we linked closely to the story by remembering how many nights the oil stayed lit for. 

The Nativity

The children did a fantastic job in our Christmas production, ‘A Little Nativity’. Well done Reception!


We have been learning lots about measuring different objects this week. We measured how far it was from our classroom to our outdoor playhouse using footprints and skipping ropes, we measured how far we could throw a beanbag using rulers and we even measured how long Parsley was using felt tips. We also ordered different objects by size including leaves, play dough snakes and wooden blocks. The children used this knowledge in their play to make tall construction towers and to measure their own objects inside and outside the classroom. 

Parsley’s Birthday

It was Parsley’s birthday this week! We had a fantastic time celebrating with him, making birthday cards, making playdough cakes, decorating his birthday cake and singing ‘Happy Birthday’. We learnt all about what a birthday is and why we celebrate them and shared memories of our own birthdays. We ended our celebrations with a party for Parsley, playing party games and enjoying a birthday biscuit. 

Autumn Celebration

This week, we have been celebrating autumn and all of the wonderful things that it brings. The children have demonstrated a fantastic knowledge of autumn and have learnt so much too. We discovered more about autumn animals and learnt facts about hedgehogs and foxes. We made autumn leaf necklaces, windy day pictures and autumn tree pictures. We had fun in the sensory tub looking at acorns and conkers and even created rubbings of different pumpkins! We also looked inside a giant pumpkin that we picked from our school garden and enjoyed getting our hands messy feeling the seeds and pulp inside. We finished our autumn fun by creating bread shaped like hedgehogs! The children worked together to measure out the ingredients and had lots of fun kneading the mixture!

Remembrance Day

The children began the day by learning why we have Remembrance Day. We heard about the bravery that soldiers have showed during different conflicts and we said special prayers to remember them. The children then created poppies to wear, using their fine motor skills to cut them out with scissors. They also created poppy paintings, transient art poppies and medals. We ended by watching a lovely short video which can be found at


We have had a fantastic time learning about Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and used small world figures to retell it, we created our own diva lamps using clay, we created rangoli patterns with sand and we made paper lamps too. We even enjoyed some Indian dancing and loved making special Indian sweets to celebrate Diwali. 

Indian Dancing

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Bonfire Night


The children learnt all about Bonfire Night this week. We used our phonics skills to write firework sounds, made fireworks with play dough, created firework pictures with paint and glitter and used small world figures and fireworks to act out a bonfire event.