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Welcome to Reception!

Summer 2

Scoot Fit

Scoot fit was so much fun today, the rain really didn't dampen our spirits! The children showed great enthusiasm and determination and even when they felt they couldn't do it, or they fell off, they got back up and tried again!


We have been growing potatoes in the Reception garden for some time now and we finally got round to digging them up! Mrs. Winterhalder gave them a good wash and chopped them up then Tina cooked them for us in the school kitchen. We loved eating our own grown chips!


We have been learning lots about Fairtrade recently. We spoke about how it is important to buy Fairtrade products when possible as this means that the growers get a good income. We discussed some of the different Fairtrade products available and made banana muffins with Fairtrade bananas. We looked at the Fairtrade symbol and some of the children even found this on the chocolate that they brought in for a non-uniform day!

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Nursery and Reception had a wonderful afternoon at the Teddy Bear's Picnic!

Clifton Country Park

We had a fantastic day on our class trip to Clifton Country Park. We went pond dipping, searched for minibeasts and had lots of fun on the park!

Seaside Poetry

This week, we have been learning lots of different poems about the seaside!

Class Talks

All of the children did very well with their class talks! We had a huge variety of topics including horse riding, motorbikes, dinosaurs, litter picking, wrestling, dancing and holidays! Well done everyone for being brave and talking in front of the whole class!

Summer 1

The Great Outdoors

We have been very busy this half-term learning about the outdoors. We learnt about the animals and insects that live around us and read lots of non-fiction books about them. We made up stories in our woodland small world area and loved retelling 'Owl Babies' in our Owl Baby den. We also made our own woodland dens using natural materials and checked up on how our plants were doing. Our potatoes are starting to grow!

Crowning Mary

Reception lead a wonderful Crowning Mary assembly today. Everybody worked really hard to learn their lines and sang Ave Maria beautifully. 

Spring 2

The Farm

We had a great time learning about the farm. We enjoyed playing in our 'Farm' role-play area which had a farm shop, animal pen and vet area, complete with chicks in an incubator! We also learnt lots about the animals that live on the farm, including where our food comes from. 

Shakespeare Week

Our chosen play was 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. We read the story and learnt the names of the characters - we thought they were very funny! We acted out the play and used costumes and instruments to make it even more fun. We made our own fairy crowns, we made forest pictures using natural materials, we made fairies and fairy wands. We also learnt that fairies love gifts so we made flower perfume for them using petals. We wrote notes to go with the perfume and we left it in the Reception garden. The next day, the fairies wrote a note back to us and we learnt all about the different things they like - we found out that fairies love clean and tidy places so we have made an extra effort to tidy up this week!

Shakespeare phrases

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We learnt some of the different phrases that Shakespeare created.


The children absolutely loved learning about Supertato and Evil Pea. We had great fun acting out the story and playing the parts of different characters. We had to search around the classroom to find all of the evil peas that were hiding. We used tweezers to pick up all of the peas and see who could get the most in their bowl in 1 minute. We used potatoes to print pictures and make stories. We made our own super veggies by decorating different vegetables. We made superhero cuffs using sequins, feathers and crayons.

Potato Planting

 We planted seed potatoes with Duncan today. We learnt all about seed potatoes and how they grow.

Pancake Day

Pancake Day was a great success! Everyone’s favourite part of the day was making the pancakes! We had to look at the recipe, measure the ingredients and mix them together. We then used the microwave to cook our pancakes! We finished by adding our favourite toppings. We also made playdough pancakes and flipped them in the frying pan, we practised our adding with pancake toppings and matched sums to the hidden answers in our sand tray. We used different materials to create pancakes and we also designed our perfect pancake and wrote about them.


We have been busy creating superhero masks at home with our families. Can you guess our superhero names? 

Spring 1

Snow Day

Reception have had some great fun so far this half term. We were not able to go outside for a few days due to the bad weather so we brought the snow inside! The children had great fun making snowmen, cakes and ice creams and loved using different resources from around the classroom to add to their creations!

NSPCC Number Day

The children also had a fantastic time during number day. We made Numicon biscuits by pressing the shapes into biscuit dough. Once they were baked, we used coloured icing to decorate them in the correct colours and counted out the correct number of chocolate buttons to make the correct number of holes on top.

Chinese New Year

Reception had a great day celebrating Chinese New Year with Nursery. We made Chinese cherry blossom fans, painted numbers in the sand, wrote Chinese New Year cards, made dragon masks, wrote our names in Chinese, made 'Year of the Pig' cupcakes and used chopsticks to eat pretend noodles and dumplings! We even did some dancing to Chinese music and some of us made up a dragon dance!

Dragon Dance

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Safer Internet Day

Children's Mental Health Awareness 

Today we learnt about Children's Mental Health Awareness day. We passed smiles around the circle to our friends, we listened to each other speak about how they felt today, we did a yoga session to help us have a healthy body and a healthy mind, we sorted healthy and unhealthy foods and we drew pictures of healthy plates of food. We also learnt a new song called 'We are special'.

Valentine's Day

We learnt about St. Valentine and why we celebrate Valentine's Day. The children made cards, playdough cakes, love potions, 3D shape castles full of love, sequenced heart numbers and matched numbered hearts with the correct number of spots. The children also made their own piece of toast, cut out a heart shape and spread it with jam. Yummy!

Valentine's Song

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Autumn 2

During the second half term of Autumn, we have been learning about different festivals and celebrations and why they are celebrated. We have looked at Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Diwali, Weddings and Christmas. We have had a great time learning about all of the different things that happen in these celebrations. The children heard the story of Guy Fawkes and spoke about fire safety. We made firework pictures using glitter and we acted out stories using the Bonfire Night small world area. During the week leading up to Remembrance Day, we made poppies out of paper, we painted pictures of poppies and we wrote prayers for soldiers. When we looked at Diwali, we listened to the story of Rama and Sita and told it using small characters. We also had a real wedding and looked at all the different things that are needed to make a wonderful wedding. We had an Autumn celebration day and made hedgehog bread! Finally we learnt about the true meaning behind Christmas. We used soft toys to tell stories, we dressed up as different characters and we made Chrstmas decorations. We have really enjoyed this topic!