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Read, Write, Inc in Nursery.

After completing phase one phonics, nursery have started Read, Write, Inc this week. They have loved interacting with Fred the Frog and are busy learning the ‘m’ sound. After a whole class session, the children got really busy engaging themselves in self-directed learning opportunities. They found lots of different ‘m’ sounds in the sand, used their fine motor skills to stick coloured dots around the letter and showed good control tracing over the sound on the interactive whiteboard. A couple of children also pointed out the sound within our classroom. 

Year 3


Instruction Writing ‘How to Mummify a tomato’🍅

Cross Curricular Experiment


History- Today we developed our understanding of the Ancient Egyptian Mummification ritual. We mummified a tomato by cleaning it, removing its insides, covering both the inside and outside with natron and finally we will left it for 40 days🍅 


Science- We discussed the reasons why the Ancient Egyptians used this method to preserve the body. We decided to test and see the difference after 40 days between the mummified tomatoes and the normal tomatoes. To make it a fair test we put them into the same cupboard for the same time; also we made predictions about what we thought may happen to the two different sets of tomatoes. 

English- Before we carried out our experiment, we wrote instructions on how to mummify our tomato. We used adverbials of time to make the order clear and imperative verbs too! 


Non-Chronological Reports


Today we began another new topic- 'Non Chronological Reports'.

Year 3 really enjoyed exploring reports about different sports!

We have moved onto setting out muddled reports- remember non-chronological means no order!

How to make a paper boat🛥

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Today we began our new English topic- instruction writing. We tried to follow instructions on how to make an origami boat, we evaluated the instructions afterwards. We gave it 4/10, it wasn’t clear enough and we got a little lostcrying

Following instructions

Year 3 found out how important it is to write clear and simple instructions to follow. They told Miss Norwood how to make a tuna and cucumber sandwichcheeky

Preposition Song 🎤

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Today we enjoyed a fun way to learn what Preposition is. We created our own actions and learnt the song. Ask your child to explain to you what it is!

Sorting our words into nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs!

Year 4
We have been looking at Myths and Legend and drafted and edited stories and shared the stories with Year 2 pupils. It was fun reading our own created stories. 

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