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Week 2 - 14 January (Continents, Countries & Cities)

Thursday 14 January 2021

L.O. To identify countries and cities of North and South America


After finding out all about the Americas last week on Oddizzi it's now time to find out a little bit more about the continents, including the countries and the cities.

Please go through the Powerpoint below and try to think about the questions as you go along (this will only work in Powerpoint mode - I have included a PDF version but it will include the answers on the slide rather than waiting for you to click next). It says to use an Atlas - if you have one it would be better to use it - but if not, use Google maps!


There are options for Task 1 - one star sheet = Easy, two star sheet = normal and three star sheet = challenging.  The answers for One Star and Two Star are below - the answers for Three Star may appear on the One and Two Star sheets depending on which cities and countries you decide to research - you can submit your Three Star answers to me and I will check it.


Next - Task 1: Find and label countries and capital cities.

(If you can't print out the map - please list the countries and capital cities for each continent.)


Challenge 1 - Note the mountains, rivers and other cities on the map.

(Again if you can't print out the map, please list the major mountains and rivers that are in each continent. Then do a separate list for three or four major cities (based on size of population) that are in each continent).


Challenge 2 (Optional) - Familiarise yourself with the names of all 50 states of America and play the game (using the link on the slide) to see how many you can remember and name in 10 minutes (be warned - it's very addictive!!).


Happy travelling!yes 

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