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Tuesday 22nd September 2020

Four Rules

LO: To understand prayer helps us to remember that God is always with us.


Mary and Joseph would have taught Jesus to pray, especially using the Psalms.  Jesus would have gone to his local synagogue with Joseph.  Paul encouraged the Romans to pray regularly.  Prayer is about keeping in touch with God who is always with us.  Think about the morning and evening prayers we might say at home and in school.


Listen to what Paul says about prayer: 

God is very near

Be happy! I’m going to say it again.

Be joyful – always!

God is very near.

Don’t worry about anything.

Instead, ask God for what you need.


Pray with a grateful heart knowing how much God loves you;

And the peace of God, which is greater than we can understand,

Will fill your minds and hearts and keep you safe and close to Jesus.



Think about the times we pray in school, when do we pray?  What prayers do we use at certain times of day?  Put this into a grid: when do you pray, what do you pray and why.


Complete the grid.

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