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Year 3

Goodluck in Year 4!!💙💙💙

Summer 2

We have had a FABULOUS DAY TODAY! 

Ask Year 3 all about the different activities we have done:

Dissecting a flower🌸 

Dissecting an apple🍎 

Apple tree hunt🍏 

Sketching plants🌱 

Planting seeds🪴 

Learning about the Duke of Bridgewater, linking the Bridgewater canal⛵️
Walking and admiring the Chinese garden/forest areas🌳 

Finding a fairy village🧚‍♀️
Playing in the woodland park🛝




Our First Holy Communion 🎉


Final performance of the year🎤

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Noah W

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Today we read the following story:

When he was teaching the people, and trying to help them, Jesus told this story about two sons who made choices. Choices always have consequences. Listen to the story:

There was once a man who had two sons. He went to the older one and said, “Son, go and work in the vineyard today.”

 “I don’t want to,” he answered, but later he changed his mind and went. Then the father went to the other son and said the same thing.  “Yes, sir,” he answered, but he did not go.

Which one of the two did what his father wanted?

Now Jesus was in the Temple teaching when he told this story, so he said to the people who were listening, “What do you think? Which of the two sons did what his father wanted?”  And they all said, “the first.”

Matthew 21: 28-31

We held a debate with half the class being the first son, the other half being the second.  We prepared our justification for the choices in groups first and then the two brothers spoke about their choices and how it affected other people. 

As a class, we reflected on the activity and how what we heard may affect how us and others make choices in future.



Today we labeled the features of our completed model of a Volcano! We have drawn a cross sections to explain what is going on inside a volcano and used paper mache to build the outside. Painting them was fun toolaugh

Today, Year 3 have been exploring where different Volcanoes can be found all over the world. We used atlas’ to get a closer look at different continents too!


What fantastic work Year 3 have produced for our Science topic, well done!!🎉

Summer 1

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations👑


19.5.22- Picnic🧺
20.5.22- Red, white and blue🇬🇧


Our Science topic this half term is ‘Forces and Magnets!’ We have really enjoyed explore magnets this week and looking at how the North and South poles react to each other! Ask your child what happens when you put:

N and N together,

S and S together,

N and S together,

Do they repel or attract? 🧲🧭

Magnet fishing🎣 

Today we used a magnet rod to test different materials to find out whether they were magnetic. There was some interesting investigations around coins 🪙 


What fantastic work Year 3 have produced for our History topic, well done!!🎉

Spring 2

Garden of Gethsemane Assembly 🏞


Year 3 looked at the effects the earthquakes have had on both the land and people. We have explored ‘Shelter Box’ and how they help people across the world. Finally, we were set a challenge of creating a building that could withstand an earthquake. The team that had the tallest ‘earthquake safe’ building were the winners. These geography models aim to look at how sturdy different buildings are during earthquakes. The Jelly represents the soft, shaking ground and the buildings are made from toothpicks and mini marshmallows. A little shaking of the tray enabled us to see how strong our homes are.

Year 3 have produced some wonderful work this term, we are especially proud of our newspaper articles on the earthquake in Haiti 🇭🇹 

Earthquake practise!

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Our class are really enjoying playing Hockey in the sunshine!



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The secret life of pets🎵

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Mystery Reader🕵️‍♂️

World Book Day!yes

Mrs Tyldsley Came to read us poems!

Today our class took part in a competition to win a golden ticket! They had to prepare a presentation to explain/recommend their favourite book to their classmates🏆

Enjoying our Reading Corner 📖


Today Year 3 went shopping! The customers bought items with the money given to them and then the shopkeepers worked out the change needed! We then swapped roles. Fantastic work!

We began our Money topic discussing and exploring what we already know about money. Then asking questions about anything we noticed when looking at different coins!


Today, we investigated what shadows are by going outside and drawing around our partners shadows. We looked at their direction and why they were formed.

Today we have been sketching our school and creating images of what school looks like in the day and at night.

Our new interactive Science area!

What a wonderful start to our new Science topic, 'Light and Shadow'. Year 3 have produced some fantastic work and we have really exciting lessons planned. 

Gold Coin Winners🏅

Here is some more great pieces:

Video Presentations:

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Spring 1



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Year 3 have began dividing a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number using counters.


Fantastic effort learning your dance moves. Year 3 are really enjoying dance this half term!

Take 1

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Final take

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Palaeontologists for the afternoon!


Palaeontologists are scientists who study fossils to find out about plants and animals that lived millions of years ago. Palaeontologists have to work very carefully to excavate fossils without damaging them.

We decided to see how difficult the work of a palaeontologist is by attempting to take out as many of the chocolate chips for a cookie without breaking them. We used various tools, cocktail sticks, and tweezers.

Today Year 3 explored how fossils are formed. Fossils are the petrified remains of plants and animals. ‘Petrified’ means that the plants or animals have turned into a stony substance. The class began to recreate this process using clay by pressing the animal skeleton into the “rock”. They then explained the process that would follow.           

Today Year 3 collected different soils samples from around school. We found lots of different types of soil and compared them. We focused on colour, texture and moisture!

The Rock Permeability Test

Year 3 planned an experiment to test whether different rocks were permeable or not! Ask them what PERMEABLE means🧑‍🔬


Jamaican 9 to 5🎼

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Cross Curricular Experiment


History- Today we developed our understanding of the Ancient Egyptian Mummification ritual. We mummified a tomato by cleaning it, removing its insides, covering both the inside and outside with natron and finally we will left it for 40 days🍅 


Science- We discussed the reasons why the Ancient Egyptians used this method to preserve the body. We decided to test and see the difference after 40 days between the mummified tomatoes and the normal tomatoes. To make it a fair test we put them into the same cupboard for the same time; also we made predictions about what we thought may happen to the two different sets of tomatoes. 

English- Before we carried out our experiment, we wrote instructions on how to mummify our tomato. We used adverbials of time to make the order clear and imperative verbs too! 


Ancient Egyptians🇪🇬

What fantastic work Year 3 have produced for our History display, well done!!🎉

Design Technology👷‍♀️

We have been designing Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus’ ⭐️


Head, shoulders, knees and toes 🎵

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Today we have had an exciting start to French this term, we looked at different parts of our body… can you guess the song we’re singing in French? 

Autumn 2

Merry Christmas from Year 3🎁

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Christmas Party🎄

Children in Need: Crazy hair💈


We’re trying really hard to learn to express our opinions!

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We have been learning to say ‘jaime’ I like, ‘j’adore’ I love, ‘je naime pas’ I don’t like, ‘je deteste’ I hate. 


Jingle Bells🔔

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We Will Rock You🎸

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Checking for conductors and insulators!


Design Technology⚙️

Food Technology😋

This term we are looking at healthy sandwiches, we have been doing lots of food tasting to design our favourite sandwich and we have made sure it's healthy too!

Final Product 🥪

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Today we made the healthy sandwiches we have been designing!


What a fantastic start to Autumn 2!! Year 3 have created wonderful pieces of work for our new topic- The United Kingdom!

Showing wonderful skills using our atlas’s!

PE 🏅

Autumn 1

Religious Education✝️

Autumn Baptism Topic

Our class was encouraged to bring in artefacts from their own baptism to show to the class!

October is the month of the Holy Rosary📿

To love our God with all our heart ❤️

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Today we used the phrase above and thought about all the different ways we could show this.


Our Class have loved taking part in Forest School! It was a wonderful start to Year 3 and Key Stage 2😁

Year 3 have thought about how we can make amends for the actions that may hurt someone else. In groups we acted out the actions that could be hurtful and then acted out how we could ask for forgiveness.


Following instructions

Year 3 found out how important it is to write clear and simple instructions to follow. They told Miss Norwood how to make a tuna and cucumber sandwich!

Evaluating instructions

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Today we began our new English topic- instruction writing. We tried to follow instructions on how to make an origami boat, we evaluated the instructions afterwards. We gave it 4/10, it wasn’t clear enough and we got a little lost😵‍💫

Sorting our words into nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs!

Year 3 Preposition song 🥳

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Today we enjoyed a fun way to learn what Preposition is. We created our own actions and learnt the song. Ask your child to explain to you what it is! 

Maths 🧮

Ordering numbers to 1000!

We are having fun working on our place valuelaugh

Science 🧪 

Today we separated our food into groups! 🥗🍕🍗🍳🍩


Our class explored using our finger muscles, arm muscles, face muscles and leg and foot muscles.


Black History Month

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October is Black History Month, Freddie will explain what we have been up to!

We are ready to start our first topic of the school year!


Stone Age cave drawings

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We have been drawing and painting in the style of Stone Age. We only used the light of a fire just like they would have in the caves 🔥

Stone Age Weapons🗿

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We have designed and created some fantastic Stone Age Jewellery and weapons in Autumn 1. WELL DONE! We really enjoyed getting in character 🎭


We have really loved learning to code and produce some fantastic interactive postcards in Autumn 1😁


This year, we are learning to play the flute!

The Ugly Bug Ball 🐛

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Go Noodle

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💃🏼 🕺🏻

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Well done to everyone keeping up with our daily mile in the afternoonyes


We’ve had an exciting first term, starting French for the first time!

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