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Spring 1 (Perspective Drawing)

Perspective Drawing

This term we were supposed to be doing Pop Art printing in Art, which would require some unusual resources that we have in school and most of you wouldn't have at home. Hopefully we will be back in school at some point and we can do it then.

In the meantime, I thought we could practice some great drawing skills from home with what you have at home.


All we will need for most of these activities will be paper and pencils.


Perspective drawing makes your pictures look three dimensional and realistic. It's all because of the horizon and the vanishing point. 

We will practice the skill of perspective in various types of drawing until we have mastered it and can apply in any type of drawing.


I will post my attempts on here and hope you post yours on the Blog too!

Happy drawing!


Mr M

Friday 22 January 2021

L.O. Two-point perspective lettering


Last week we tried one-point perspective lettering and some of your drawings were awesome!

This week we are going to try lettering from two perspective points.

Watch the video below and practice your two-point perspective drawing.  Remember to have a ruler and a rubber handy and some coloured pencils or felt-tips ready.

You could choose two words of your own to submit your artwork for our gallery.

Have fun!
Mr M

How to Draw Letters in 2-Point Perspective

Learn how to make letters look 3-D using 2-point perspective! I am using a 3B pencil, but mechanical pencils also work great with perspective work due to the...

Friday 15 January 2021

L.O. Drawing Letters from a perspective point


Remembering the vanishing point from last week - we are going to draw lettering using a perspective point this week.

Watch the video below and attempt your own lettering perspective art.


Please post them or send them to me for our gallery.


Make it colourful and maybe attempt a message too!

Have fun!

One Point Perspective Name

This video is about My Movie

Friday 8th January 2021

Learning Task 1


To draw a simple perspective drawing with a road, a horizon and things at the side of the road in perspective.


Watch the two videos below and attempt your own perspective drawing.


Don't forget to post your attempts on the blog for me and I'll post mine!

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