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Inspired by St. Gilbert, as God's family, we are growing strong in love and faith, becoming the best we can be.

Whit Holiday Activities

Holiday Activities

  • Go on a minibeast hunt

  • Set up a minibeast investigation lab with magnifying glasses and have a close inspection of the minibeasts - how many legs do they have? What colour is their body?

  • Practise moving like different minibeasts

  • Have a teddy bear’s picnic in your garden

  • Write a menu for the teddy bear’s picnic

  • Set up a shop role-play area in your house and practise paying for items

  • Practise using scissors to cut out different animal shapes

  • Make some salt-dough and create different things with it. You could make butterflies, ladybirds, bees or anything that you like!

  • Fill a bucket with water and use paintbrushes to complete some water painting outside

  • If it is sunny, practise drawing around the shadows of your teddies with chalk outside – see how the shadows change over the day

  • Create a reading den using duvets, large bed sheets and pillows – take some of your favourite books in to read.

  • If you have a tablet, you could try using Kidmons to practise creating digital pictures

  • Have a look at Charanga and practise your music skills! See here for your login details

  • Log in to Purple Mash (see the inside cover of your reading records for your log in details) and have a go at some of the different programmes – try some of the mini mash games.

  • Practise your colour mixing skills with paint

  • Have a go at some dough disco activities

  • Ask a grownup to set up a scavenger hunt for you around the house – ask them to give you clues to find things!

  • Have a go at some Cosmic Kids Yoga

  • Play some board games with your family – practise taking turns!

  • Learn some sign language

  • Make a bird feeder

  • Do some baking or cooking and talk about the measurements you are using

  • Create some portraits of your family

  • Make a family tree – learn about your past

  • Have a go at some of these science experiments

  • Put on a talent show with your family

  • Put parts of vegetables into water and see if you can grow them.

  • Take some seeds from the fruit and vegetables that you’ve eaten and try to grow them – this works with strawberries, tomatoes, peppers and more. They will need to be kept on a sunny windowsill

  • Create an obstacle course – who is the quickest to complete it?

  • Have a cinema day with your family. Afterwards, get them to ask you some questions – who was your favourite character? What was your favourite bit? Why?

  • Create a story with your family – one person starts off by saying a sentence of a story and the next person says the next sentence. Keep going until you have finished the story

  • Make your own playdough and use it to create different shapes - recipe here

  • Pretend you're the teacher for the day

  • Learn some magic tricks

  • Make your own toy house using a shoebox and other craft materials

  • Make a skittles set using empty bottles and a soft ball – how many skittles can you knock over? Who knocked over the most?

  • Play a game of guess the animal - make animal movements and see if others can guess which animal you are

  • Do a fashion show with your family – who can dress in the craziest outfit?

  • Practise writing simple sentences about your day – i.e. I went to the park

  • Continue learning to read through the high frequency word cards

  • Read, read, read! Go to Oxford Owl for your books.

  • Practise your rhyming skills by seeing who can make the most words rhyme!

  • Look for shapes in your house

  • Practise your counting skills by helping with dinner – how many pieces of bread does each person need? How many does that make altogether?

  • Remember your capacity work by using capacity language when filling up drinks for your family

  • Use positional language to describe where things are.

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