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Task 2 (12 Jan) Local Survey

Learning Task 2 - Local Community Survey


Civil engineers design spaces around us, the buildings we use and work in, the routes we use to get around. The designs influence how we live. In this task I want you to look and think like a civil engineer to explore the features of our built environment and the people that occupy it. I want you to carry out a survey of your local area and consider the following questions:


  • What kind of people live in your community? Who uses these spaces?
  • What range of building types are there?
  • Are there different types of homes? (bungalows, terraces, flats etc)
  • What forms of transport do people use? (walking, buses, cars, bicycles etc)
  • What local amenities are available for people in your community? Are there local shops, libraries, parks, sports centres, markets etc?
  • What types of animals or pets can be found in your community?
  • Describe the 'best' parts of your community (e.g. the most used, most popular)
  • Describe the 'worst' parts of your community.


Present your survey as a simple list and add as much information to it as you can - think of your community as Eccles. You could even use Google Maps to help you search around your area to help jog your memory.

All of the surveys that you send in will be added to our portfolio that we are going to build up and form part of our presentation at the end of the project.

I am so excited about our involvement in this project and look forward to seeing your surveys.

Have fun - there is so much more to learn and look forward to with this project!

Mr M

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