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Inspired by St. Gilbert, as God's family, we are growing strong in love and faith, becoming the best we can be.

Year 2

We have been learning to sew. We have been learning about the missions of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong so we chose a boat or rocket for our design.

Our science topic this half-term is ‘light.’ We talked about how shadows are formed and we went outside on a sunny day to investigate and play with our shadows.

We have all presented our talks. We spoke about holidays, hobbies and family. Well done everybody!

Making Compost

We have been learning about climate change and looking after our planet. We learned how good plants are for our environment and we learned how to make our own compost using recycled materials. We used plastic bottles, soil, plant scraps, paper scraps and food scraps. 

Investigating Forces

We let different balls run down the ramp. We measured to see how far they travelled. Then we tried the same investigation on the grass. 

We all came to school dressed in red, white and blue, the colours of The Union Jack. We started our coronation celebrations with a flagpole service, learning about the upcoming Coronation of King Charles III. In the afternoon we continued with coronation activities and then had our picnic. The weather was not good so we had to go in the hall but we still enjoyed ourselves. 

Designs with our St. Joseph’s Penny Collection


British Science Week

During British Science Week we made a moon dial to follow the phases of the moon. Also, we investigated our own thumbprints. 

Maths: Measurement

We had a great day celebrating ‘ World Book Day.’ We all dressed up as favourite book characters. Some of us made a ‘book in a box’ and we had two ‘secret readers!’

The children really enjoyed showing off all they have been learning. They demonstrated their knowledge about many topics across the curriculum such as multiplication, money, homophones, Florence Nightingale, animals and their habitats. One group of children showed how they have learned to make an axle with wheels in D.T. lessons. Thank you to all our parents and grandparents who were able to attend.

Recorder Performance

We have been learning to play the recorder. Now we can play the notes B, A, G. We went to the Nursery to perform the tunes we have learned. 

Talk for Writing: The Magic Paintbrush

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The children have been using the story map to learn the story. They have done so well!

Fun in the snow


Little Donkey

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Well done to Year 1 & Year 2 for a fabulous performance of ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ The singing was outstanding!

Learning about the continents of the world

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Children in Need ‘Crazy Hair Day.’

In Design & Technology we are learning about where foods come from and how to choose healthy foods. We are learning how to prepare simple recipes from around the world. We have made pizza from Europe and Asian fruit salad. 

At the end of the first half-term, we had the 'Showcase' morning for our parents/carers. The children showed off what they have been learning over the past seven weeks. Some were observed 'testing' their parents on topics such as verbs and nouns! The children really enjoyed talking about The Great Fire of London, materials, diary-writing, artwork and place value in maths. They demonstrated sketching, writing with a quill and using 'Scratch' on the iPads. Well done Year 2!

Year 2 enjoyed a trip to Staircase House Museum in Stockport. In the morning they all dressed up and re-enacted the events of The Great Fire of London in the 17th century rooms of the house. The characters included Samuel Pepys, King Charles, maids, soldiers and the linkboy. In the afternoon the children had a ‘hands on’ session making a ‘wattle and daub’ panel. This helped them to understand how houses were made before and during the 17th century. The children also had a ‘fire mark’ session where they learned about the beginnings of house insurance and the fire service. They created their own fire mark to take home. The children had a fantastic time and the experiences really brought the topic to life for them.

We love reading!

We love reading in our reading corner and on the carpet. We read books, big books and newspapers. We really enjoyed Year 4 reading their Greek myths to us and we loved reading some of our books to the Nursery children.

As part of our R.E. Caritas work, we made cards to welcome all the new Nursery children to our school. We also took stories to read to them. 

Music: Recorder

We are learning to play the recorder. 

Art: Clay Relief Tiles

We are making clay relief tiles. Our designs are houses from the time of The Great Fire of London.’

Our Science topic this half-term is ‘Materials.’ We discovered lots of different materials outside. Another week we investigated which materials would make a good umbrella for Teddy. We put water on paper, fabric, tinfoil and plastic to see if they would soak up the rain.

Year 2 love Tuesday afternoons with ‘Technola!’ This half term they have been creating seasons scenes and making objects move.

Our School Councillors

Our Eco-Warriors

Welcome to Year 2

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