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Week 3 (Descriptive Setting - Dark is Rising 2)

Monday 16th November 2020

L.O. To identify what makes a successful piece of Year 6 writing


Today we will look at what makes a really good piece of writing in Year 6. 
We will look at the two pieces of writing below - one is a Greater Depth piece of writing and the other is Expected standard.


Have a read of both and make some notes on each with what you think makes them a good piece of writing, or better than the other piece of writing.

Then have a read of the annotated versions to see what actually makes them good, with the criteria annotated on them.

How can we write our story and include some of the features of these pieces?

Look at the text (pages 11-13) again and look at the use of the words:

sudden, hideous, jumped, normally, restless, uneasy, leapt, alarm

All of these words give a sense of something strange, sudden and uneasy going on.

Review your writing plan and add more words that you think you will need to make the reader feel a sense of unease, and create a strange atmosphere.

Tuesday 17th November 2020

L.O. To write a descriptive piece of writing with a strange and dark atmosphere


Today it's time to write your story using your writing plan.

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