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Friday 24th September 2020

LO: To be able to explore the meaning of words.

Today you will be completing a comprehension but focussing on word meanings. 


Here is an example: 


Look on page 71, what do you think the word 'jowls' means? Use textual evidence to support your answer. 


The first thing you need to do is find the word jowls and read the sentence before and after... Can you make sense of the word from the text? 


Here is an example of how to answer this type of question: 


Jowls is likely to mean the skin from his chin area that goes into his neck. It is probably flabby also.  This is evident as the text states, 'He was bald and fat, the flesh of his jowls merging into his neck as if they had melted, the mountain of his body covered in a fine red tunic. '

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