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Inspired by St. Gilbert, as God's family, we are growing strong in love and faith, becoming the best we can be.

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!



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Autumn 1 Term

During the Autumn Term Year 1 looked at Space Explorers in History. We enjoyed learning more about the space race between USA and Russia, the first astronauts to land on the moon and the British astronaut Tim Peake.


In science our topic was Sources of Light. We spent time looking a different sources of light as well as how a shadow can be made and changed. 


Autumn 2 Term

In the Autumn 2 Term, Year 1 looked at seasons and different types of weather. 


We were also very busy preparing for our Nativity Hoedown performance of 'Prickly Hay'!



School Nurse - Healthy Eating Visit

In November, the school nurse came to visit to tell us more about healthy eating. She helped us to make fruit salad and sandwiches.

Maths Cafe

In maths we learnt about money. Miss Handley set up a cafe for us in the hall and we had 10p to spend buying sandwiches, biscuits and a drink. The children from Y6 helped us to work out how much each item would be and the change we had left once we had been to the cafe. We then ate our delicious snacks!


Science Experiment

We know that the force of the wind is a push that makes things move.


For our science topic on forces we predicted whether we could push paint. The children had a great time pretending to be the wind by blowing the paint through a straw. 

NSPCC Number Day


We have really enjoyed taking part in number day. This morning we had to answer 26 calculations, find a letter to match the number and use the letters to spell out a message. Miss Handley played a little joke on Mrs Morrison as we all know she is a red really!


During the afternoon, some Year 6 children came to play number games with us. We all had a game of Snap, Bingo and Snakes & Ladders. 


The children all looked wonderful in their number outfits, thank you for your support!

RE - Special people in our lives


Year 1 talked about their experience and feelings about the special people they know or have heard about. They drew pictures and wrote a sentence about someone special to them.

Portland Basin

Shakespeare Week


This week Year 1 have looked at the play Romeo and Juliet. We made invitations for the Capulet Ball, masks to wear to the ball and a dance. 

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