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Inspired by St. Gilbert, as God's family, we are growing strong in love and faith, becoming the best we can be.

Year 2

Skipping Workshop

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We have been learning to skip with ‘Skip2Bfit.’

We had a great day with Year 1, celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. In the morning we had lots of activities including colouring, making paper chains, bingo, model-making, all with a royal theme. In the afternoon we had a red, white & blue scavenger hunt. It was great fun and the winners each found six items! We finished with sweet treats and Mrs. Tyldesley gave everyone a special badge to remember this historic event. 


We have been talking about ‘what makes a good friend’ and ‘what makes a bad friend.’

We are growing carrots!

We have planted some carrot seeds. We will water them regularly and hope they will grow!

In Science Week we have been investigating the plants growing in our school grounds. We also did some really fun experiments. We added milk to a circle of sweets and left it for a while. When we came back, the colours had run from the sweets to make a beautiful pattern. Outside we added mints to some lemonade. It was supposed to make an explosion due to the carbon dioxide bubbles inside and the mints speeding up the process of the gas being released but it didn’t work very well so we had fun shaking the bottle. We managed to make a small explosion but next week we will try with Pepsi and Mentos!!

Take two!

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Support for Ukraine

We wore yellow and blue today (the colours of the Ukraine flag) and brought £1 to help towards supporting the people of Ukraine.

Reading Week

The children had a great day dressed up as characters from poems. Many brought the poems in and more poems were written during the day! Listen to some of the poems we have written, in the 'Video Resource Centre.'

I think mice are rather nice.

We learned the poem 'I think think mice are rather nice,' written by Rose Fyleman. Watch us perform the poem in the 'Video Resource Centre.' We made some mice in our Art lesson.

Secret Readers

In Reading Week we had a surprise 'secret reader!' It was Leo's mum and he could not believe it! His mum read a poem to us that she had written at school when she was ten years old. She had her poem published!!

Mrs. Tyldesley came to read a poem to us on World Book Day. It was very funny! 

Poetry Display

We watched a video of the poet, Simon Mole. He helped us to write poems based on favourite words. We worked in pairs and produced some excellent poems. 

Best Attendance Again!

We have received the 'best weekly attendance' again! WELL DONE YEAR 2!

Lego model

As a reward for the best attendance, this group of children worked together to make a fantastic Lego model.

Online Safety Day

We talked about the great things the internet gives us but also the dangers of playing games online and communicating with people we do not know. We also talked about not giving personal information to people we do not know. We made posters to show what we had learned.

Playing the recorder

We can now play the notes B, A & G on the recorder. We can play a few tunes. These children played a solo to 'Joe, Joe.'

We had great fun on Number Day. We did maths puzzles, including number square jigsaws and sudoku. We played a ‘four in a row’ addition dice game and ended the day with bingo. 


We are trying to bring lots of positivity into our classroom. We have a special window dedicated to this. On this window we write good things that people have said about each other. We also choose a 'star of the day.' This is a person who has shown real positivity towards others or in their attitude to learning.

For the second week running, Year 2 have received the 'best attendance' reward! For our treat we went onto the EYFS playground for an extra play. It was great fun!


We are learning about the properties of shapes.We used the geoboards to make 2D shapes with straight sides.

Every day in class we have ERIC time (Everyone Reading In Class). Sometimes we bring books from home to read. 

Science: Habitats

Our Science topic this half-term is 'Living things & their 'habitats.' We had a walk around the school grounds to see what living things we could find and where they were living. We found living things near the playground, on the field, in the prayer garden, in the trees, on the trim trail and in the woodland area.


On another day we carried out an investigation to look for things in our playground that are ‘alive,’ ‘dead’ or ‘have never been alive.’

In DT we are making cannons. We learned about cannons when we listened to the story of Florence Nightingale going to help soldiers in the Crimean War. For our cannons we used milk bottles, cardboard & straws. We had to learn how to make an axle for our wheels so they could turn.


Now we are making racing car models using more wheels & axles. 

History: Florence Nightingale

Christmas Jumper Day

Reading, Writing and Maths Stars

Congratulations to this term’s reading, writing and maths stars! These children have shown a great effort and improvement in their work. We are very proud of you!

Santa Claus is coming to town!

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Wow! What an amazing performance from one of our Year 2 boys! You are very talented. Thank you for playing for us.

A great time was had by all at the Christmas party! There was dancing, singing, musical bumps & statues, pass the parcel, pin the nose on Rudolph and finally the delicious party food! 

Well done to all the children for a fabulous Nativity performance. Working with Year 1, the children did an amazing job in a very short time.

Children in Need Appeal-Crazy Hair Day

What an amazing effort by our parents and carers to raise money for 'Children in Need.' The children looked amazing!

Anti-bullying Week-Odd Socks Day

We started off our 'Anti-Bullying Week' with 'Odd Socks Day.' This is a day where we are reminded that we are all unique, individual and different and that's okay!

This year's theme was 'One Kind Word'.' In class we talked about the effect of our words on other people. As we say in Year 2, 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!'

On Friday, in the whole-school award assembly, each class spoke about what they had been talking about during the week. We hope everyone remembers this all year, not just this week.

Sad day!

Sadly we are losing one of our class members. We had a little party and wished him well in his new school. He bought a lovely book for our class library-The Guinness Book of Records-thank you. We will miss you!

We love reading!

Design & Technology

This half-term our DT work is 'Food & Nutrition.' We are learning about nutrition and healthy eating and linking it to our Geography topic of 'Oceans & Continents.' We are making traditional dishes from around the world and learning about some fruits & vegetables we have never seen or tasted before. We are learning to prepare food with careful hygiene and safe chopping! Then we get to try the food we have made. The fruit salad was more popular than the ratatouille!

Geography-Oceans & Continents

In Geography we are learning about the oceans and continents of the world. We love looking at the globe to find them all.

The Continents Song

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R.E.-Signs & Symbols

In R.E. we are learning about all the signs and symbols associated with Baptism-water, oil, white garment, candle etc. We have been role-playing parts of the Baptism service.

What a fabulous day we had at Staircase House in Stockport!  This was the children’s first school trip and they really enjoyed it. The house is just like a house from the time of The Great Fire of London in 1666. In the morning we dressed up and acted out the events of The Great Fire of London. There was Samuel Pepys and his maid, Jane, King Charles, the link boy, the soldiers and the maids. Samuel Pepys was woken up by his Jane, his maid, to find London on fire. We made a chain to collect the water in leather buckets, from the River Thames, to try and put out the fire but it was spreading too quickly. We had great fun! In the afternoon we did two activities. One was finding out about the first fire brigades and the insurance companies. We made our own 'fire mark.' In the other activity we learned about the plague that happened just before the fire. We learned about scary plague doctors and then we made our own medicine potions.

A special trip to London

One of our class members had a fantastic trip to London after learning all about the Great Fire at school. He was very happy to see the site of the former bakery, where the fire began, and the River Thames. He had a very busy weekend walking, exploring and learning.


We are learning to play the recorder!

No more milk today!

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Black History Month

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During Black History Month we have been learning all about Ruby Bridges. Ruby Bridges went to school in Louisiana, America, in 1961. It was a school for black children but her parents wanted her to go to a school nearer home. That school was for white people only but the US government said that she should be allowed to go. Ruby’s mother took her and Marshals went with them. People shouted at Ruby to go away and parents took their children out of the school. After many months, the other children returned to school and Ruby had friends to play with at last.

Ruby likes to visit schools to tell children that black and white children can be friends. Her message to children is to be kind to each other.

Year 2 Maths

We are learning all about place value in maths. We are learning how to partition numbers, how to add two 2-digit numbers using drawings and then to use these to work out word problems.

As part of our R.E. Caritas work we made cards to welcome our new nursery children to our school community. We also welcomed Mrs. Tyldesley!

Year 2 Writing

We have been exploring the events of The Great Fire of London. We have talked about how people must have felt when this terrible thing happened to them. We wrote some recounts as if we were 'eyewitnesses' to the fire.

Class Assembly

Here we are practising our assembly about 'October, Month of the Holy Rosary.' Well done Year 2 for presenting a beautiful assembly to the rest of the school and your parents/carers.

Art: Clay Relief Tiles

In Art we are designing and making clay relief tiles. We have been looking at and sketching houses from the time of 'The Great Fire of London.' We drew a design and used special tools to score out the clay and add details. We will upload pictures of all our tiles when they are finished. 

Sketching houses from 1666

We have been learning how to use sketching pencils to make light and dark shades. We drew some houses from the time of The Great Fire of London.

Attendance Award

Well done Year 2! Best attendance in EYFS/KS1 last week!

Best Attendance Reward

An afternoon of free choice & play!


Science Investigation

We were investigating which material would be the best to make an umbrella for Ted. He had paper, tin foil, plastic, kitchen roll, cellophane and fabric. We dropped water onto each material & watched what happened. It was great fun! Some of our predictions were correct.

Year 2 School Councillors

Year 2 Eco-warriors

P.E. Fun