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Year 4 Gallery: Our trip to RHS Bridgewater. We explored plants.

Take a look at all the topics we have been studying this year! Up to now we have explored:

Human Bodies


Rocks, Soils and Fossils

Light and Shadow

Forces and Magnets

Year 5 - Earth and space. We learnt about the movement of the Earth and moon by transforming ourselves into these approximately spherical bodies!

The 10 Big Ideas of Science

This video introduces the 10 big ideas of science:1: All materials in the Universe are made up of atoms2: The force objects exert on each other depends on ...

Reception Science Week

We had fun completing a science experiment with cress seeds. We planted seeds in five different pots then put one outside but gave it light and water, one inside with light and water, one inside with just light, one in a dark cupboard with no light just water and one in a dark cupboard with no light and no water. We were amazed by what happened to the plants!

Year 1 Gallery

During Science Week we carried out an investigation to find out if bubbles are always round. The children used different shaped bubble wands to experiment with. They had lots of fun blowing bubbles and seeing who could blow the biggest bubble!

In Science Week we have been investigating the plants growing in our school grounds. We also did some really fun experiments. We added milk to a circle of sweets and left it for a while. When we came back, the colours had run from the sweets to make a beautiful pattern. Outside we added mints to some lemonade. It was supposed to make an explosion due to the carbon dioxide bubbles inside and the mints speeding up the process of the gas being released but it didn’t work very well so we had fun shaking the bottle. We managed to make a small explosion but next week we will try with Pepsi and Mentos!!

Year 3’s new interactive Science area!

What a wonderful start to our new Science topic, 'Light and Shadow'. Year 3 have produced some fantastic work and we have exciting lessons planned. 


Take a look at some more work!

Still image for this video

Still image for this video


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Still image for this video

Gold coin winners🏅

Year 4 Science Gallery:

Science Week: Learning about the effects of Sound. Used a tuning fork and observed the vibrations. Wow. Sound can pass through many things.We also made telephones with plastic cups and string. Then we started to tidy our raised bed ready to grow our seeds.

Science Investigation: Looking at the effect of different liquids on our teeth.

Science is a core area of the National Curriculum which teaches the children to understand the world around them through three specific subject areas:



(Animals, Plants and Living Things)


(Materials, Rocks (and fossils), Liquids and Gases)



(Forces and Magnets, Earth, Sun and Moon, Light, Sound and Electricity)


(N.B. not all of the sub-topics are taught at Key Stage 1)


Alongside these three areas the children will also be taught how to "work scientifically" by using the scientific skills of enquiry, which includes the following:


Working Scientifically 


  • asking questions;
  • making predictions;
  • planning a fair test;
  • classifying;
  • comparing;
  • observing;
  • recording data;
  • evaluating evidence.


The teaching of Science will include practical investigations to enable the children to practice and develop their enquiry skills.


In Key Stage 1 and 2 Science is taught each week. 





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